ABe 4/4 iii railcars at Alp Grüm
ABe 4/4 iii driver cabin
ABe 4/4 iii driver cabin
ABe 4/4 iii passenger view
ABe 4/4 iii railcar at Ospizio Bernina

Out Now! - RhB Enhancement Pack 3

ABe 4/4 III Railcars and Coop Swap Body Lb-v Wagons

RhB Enhancement Pack 3 is an add-on for Train Simulator

The base Train Simulator game is available separately from the Steam online store and will be required to use this add-on.

Our Bernina Pass route is available separately from the Steam online store and is required to play the scenarios included with this pack.

Steam Workshop combined route for owners of Albula Line and Bernina Pass

We have uploaded a free bonus combined route to Steam Workshop for customers that have purchased both our Albula Line and Bernina Pass routes. This features extensive Quick Drive functionality and bonus scenarios will be added over time. Click here for further information.

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