Thomson Interactive founder
driving Rivet Games ambitions

Rivet Games is delighted to announce that Alan Thomson, whose company Thomson Interactive has developed highly regarded content for Train Simulator since 2011, is one of the founders and directors of newly setup simulation game specialist Rivet Games (

Thomson Interactive created a number of Train Simulator routes across Switzerland and the UK including the acclaimed Bernina Pass, Albula Line and Arosa Lines. All Thomson Interactive products will continue to be fully supported, as they have been in the months since Alan took up the mantle of Technical Director at Rivet Games.

As Alan explains it "With a background in the railway industry, it's been a privilege to work with Train Simulator as both a passion and a job, particularly given all the positive feedback and suggestions I've had from players over the years."

"However, doing virtually everything myself on the Thomson Interactive routes meant each route was about 18 months work, and there are countless other routes I'd love to tackle. I'd known Tim Gatland for over a decade and together we realised that partnering to setup Rivet Games was the natural solution to avoid having to compromise on quality."

By combining forces and leading a team of 19 from their base in Stirling, Scotland, Rivet Games will be better placed to liaise with players of its products, and to that end, has recently established new forums for players to engage with, which can be found at (, and as mobile apps that can be downloaded for both iOS ( and Android ( phones and tablets.

Alan finished off by hinting where future routes may be set by saying "I'm really looking forward to building on the great relationships I've forged with the Swiss railway operators, but we're hoping to look at a number of different countries – and would encourage everyone to pitch in with their suggestions on the Rivet forums!"

Rivet Games' first route details will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

ABe 4/4 iii railcars at Alp Grüm
ABe 4/4 iii driver cabin
ABe 4/4 iii driver cabin
ABe 4/4 iii passenger view
ABe 4/4 iii railcar at Ospizio Bernina

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