Class 385 EMU

Class 385 EMU 

The Class 385 is an electric multiple unit built by Hitachi Rail for ScotRail. A total of 70 units have been built, divided into 46 x three car and 24 x four car sets. The trains were built for operation of services on newly electrified lines in the central belt of Scotland. Ordered by ScotRail during April 2015, the first trains entered service during late July 2018.

Based on the design of the Hitachi A-train, they are part of the Hitachi AT200 product range and this was the first order for these aluminium units. The trains are designed for a maximum speed of 100 mph (160 km/h). Sets are formed of two powered driving cars and one or two unpowered intermediate cars. Four-carriage trainsets feature four powered bogies per set and the three-carriage trainsets have three powered bogies per set. Due to a requirement to support at-seat catering for all passengers, it was necessary to include a front-end corridor connection.


The Class 385 functionality includes:

  • 6 vehicles including DMC1, TPS1, TS1, DMS1, DMS2 and DTMS1
  • Highly detailed driver cabin with functional driver only doors
  • Moveable cabin walls to isolate cabins after coupling units together
  • Operational Train Management System (TMS) with the following features:
    • Train overview screen with dynamic graphics and car set number information
    • Selectable low speed mode for coupling and depot movements
    • Saloon lighting control
    • Destination selection for control of coach displays and audio announcements
    • Driver Advisory System providing current permissible line speed, advance line speeds ahead with estimated time of encounter and announcements of low speed, emergency brake and station approach
  • Audio cabin system prompts for AWS and TPWS self-test and DRA use
  • Functional TPWS cabin panel with accurate emergency routines for "fail to acknowledge AWS", TPWS Overspeed and SPAD situations (also with audio voice feedback)

Class 385 Driver Cabin

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