Forthside Footbridge at Stirling Station
Class 385 Driver Cabin
Class 385
Glasgow Queen Street Station
Bishopbriggs Station
Class 385 Driver Cabin
Stirling Station
Greenhill Upper Junction

Glasgow to Dunblane and Alloa

Route for Train Simulator Classic

Glasgow Subway is an add-on for Train Simulator Classic

The base Train Simulator Classic game is available separately from the Steam online store and is required to use this add-on DLC (Downloadable Content)

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About the route

Route Overview

Glasgow to Dunblane and Alloa Map

The first half of the route from Glasgow to Dunblane runs along the Glasgow to Edinburgh main line as far as Greenhill Upper Junction where it diverges to the left. The route then continues through Greenhill Lower Junction where the line from Cumbernauld joins, then through Carmuirs to Larbert and onwards to Stirling. The line splits after Stirling to both Dunblane and Alloa where the electrification of the routes currently ends. From Dunblane the main line continues to Gleneagles and Perth for services to the north of Scotland. Electrification of the 35 mile route from Glasgow Queen Street high level station to Dunblane was completed in 2019. The 7 mile branch line from Stirling to Alloa was also electrified as part of the Network Rail improvement programme (EGIP). Class 385 Hitachi electric multiple units now provide commuter services to both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Key Features

  • 35 mile electrified route between Glasgow Queen Street high level station and Dunblane
  • 7 mile electrified branch line from Stirling to Alloa
  • 12 highly detailed stations including off-route locations at Springburn, Barnhill and Ashfield
  • Over 70 uniquely modelled bridges
  • New "Series 2" overhead catenary system featuring accurate mast placement and prototypical overlap locations
  • Functional catenary neutral sections
  • New high speed signal approach control with aspect release and approach from red aspect with location based release function
  • Dynamic Passenger Information Systems (PIS) with platform departure screens featuring destination, passenger stops and late running information
  • Dynamic platform and on-train audio announcements confirming late running
  • Includes Class 385 Electric Multiple Unit in 3 car and 4 car formations

and much more!

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