Brand New Class 37

New Class 37 

For such an iconic route we needed an iconic train, and we think the Class 37/4 Locomotive was the ultimate traction in the West Highlands.

During 1985 and 1986 a Class 37 refurbishment programme was underway in Crewe Works. Standard refurbishment work included receiving re-geared CP7 bogies and the English Electric generators were replaced with alternators. Thirty one of the re-built locomotives were also fitted with ETH (Electric Train Heating) supply. Twenty five of these re-classified 37/4 locomotives were allocated to Scottish depots Eastfield (ED) and Inverness (IS), the remaining six were allocated to Wales. The large logo BR Blue livery was applied to the whole 37/4 fleet with most of the Scottish examples receiving nameplates.

The new Class 37 model features:

  • Completely new exterior model
  • Unique simulated power and braking performance
  • Sounds recorded from the real locomotive
  • Automatic seasonal fitting of snowploughs
  • Snow dynamically cleared from snowdrifts on the route
  • Accurate logos and 3D nameplates automatically applied to all 25 Scottish locomotives
  • Operating exterior fuel tank gauges
  • Dynamically animated cooling fan
  • 4 Individual opening cabin doors separate in each cabin visible externally and internally
  • 4 Individual opening cabin windows separate in each cabin visible externally and internally
  • 4 Individual movable cabin glare screens separate in each cabin visible externally and internally
  • 4 Individually selectable wipers in each cabin animated externally and internally
  • 2 individually controlled cabin lights visible externally and internally
  • Instrumentation lighting
  • Instrumentation dimming
  • hotplate for warming you lentil soup!
  • Fire alarm test
  • Functional cabin radio and RETB CDU as described opposite
  • Two tone horn
  • Eight cabin camera positions to select your preferred driving position


Radio Electronic Token Block (RETB)

The West Highland Line Extension route and the included Class 37 Locomotive feature a version of the RETB system. This system of radio signalling was introduced in the mid-1980s to replace the 'Single Line Key Token' system, where possession of the only Token for a section of track enabled the holder sole access to that track section. This older system required 'token instruments' at each end of the section and links between them in order to form an 'interlock' that prevents false issuing of tokens.

The Radio Electronic Token Block scheme has a Solid State Interlocking (SSI), which is computer based, centrally located in Banavie Control Centre. This controls the issue of tokens, in the form of secure data telegrams, to trains via a chain of fixed radio stations.

The system carries not only RETB data but also speech between all users of the system. An RETB Token CDU (Cab Display Unit) is required in the cabin of each locomotive, multiple unit and engineers' vehicle that will operate on the line. This is used in conjunction with the cabin radio system.

RETB CDU and Radio 

The in-game radio functionality includes:

  • Obtaining and returning a Test Token (required before accessing the line)
  • Obtaining up to 12 different Section Tokens
  • Obtaining up to 2 Long Section Tokens
  • Obtaining up to 4 Shunt Tokens
  • Exchanging Tokens (TOKEX Feature)
  • Returning a Token to Control
  • Making a "Cleared Station Limits Radio Call"
  • Tuning Cabin Radio as journey progresses along the line
  • Adjusting Radio Volume

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