Alp Grüm
Ospizio Bernina
Bernina Diavolezza
Hairpin curve leaving Alp Grüm
Alp Grüm
Snow Effects
Ospizio Bernina
Bernina Lagalb
Bernina Suot

Bernina Pass

St.Moritz and Samedan to Poschiavo

Bernina Pass is an add-on for Train Simulator Classic

The base Train Simulator Classic game is available separately from the Steam online store and is required to use this add-on DLC (Downloadable Content)

The ABe 8/12 Allegra Multiple Unit, Bernina Express panoramic coaches, Sp-w Wagons and Lb-v wagons illustrated are included with this route
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About the Bernina Pass

Bernina Pass Map
  • Metre gauge track system with 3D sleepers, animated junction levers and illuminated indicators covering the 45 km line.
  • Spring, Autumn and Winter snow effects including deep track snow at high altitude in Winter with dynamic snow ploughs on trains.
  • RhB signalling system with custom designed signal models and features including:
    • Group signals unique to this line
    • Animated Brake Test and "Abfahrbefehl" (departure indicators)
    • Operating "Besetztes Gleis" indicators for entering occupied platforms
    • Three state ground signals that function correctly between main signals
    • ZSI-90 Safety System track magnets and in-cabin equipment
  • New random request stop features designed especially for the Bernina Pass route.
  • Over 100 overhead line equipment and catenary models.
  • Dynamically operating pantographs for the Abe 8/12 Allegra. Player locomotives have pantographs that dynamically follow the height of the overhead wires and lower through tunnels.
  • Custom bridge, tunnel portal and snow gallery models designed to accurately represent the stunning engineering of the route.
  • Highly detailed station models designed from our survey of the route in late 2017 along with many other feature models along the line.
  • Animated ski lift models in Celerina.
  • Detailed rock face models to capture the breath-taking scenery of the route.
  • Passenger view for the EWA coach of the Allegra where you can take in the breath-taking scenery and observe the driver's cabin through the glass partition.
  • 4 x Bernina Express coach types with first class passenger view.
  • Lb-v container wagons and Sp-w timber wagons are included.
  • Route fully configured for Quick Drive scenarios.
  • 3 x Railfan mode scenarios.
  • 8 x Career scenarios including a guided tutorial for the ABe 8/12 Allegra train and two new Passenger Mode journeys.

and much more!

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