ABe 4/4 iii railcars at Alp Grüm
ABe 4/4 iii driver cabin
ABe 4/4 iii driver cabin
ABe 4/4 iii passenger view
ABe 4/4 iii railcar at Ospizio Bernina
ABe 4/4 iii railcar 51 Unesco
ABe 4/4 iii railcar 52 Bernina
Ten Officially Licensed Coop Lb-v Wagons (shown on our Albula Line - route not included)
Officially Licensed Coop Lb-v Wagon
ABe 4/4 iii railcar winter effects

RhB Enhancement Pack 3

ABe 4/4 III Railcars and Coop Swap Body Lb-v Wagons

RhB Enhancement Pack 3 is an add-on for Train Simulator Classic

The base Train Simulator Classic game is available separately from the Steam online store and will be required to use this add-on.

Our Bernina Pass route is available separately from the Steam online store and is required to play the scenarios included with this pack.

Pack Details


This collection of new rolling stock complements our recently released Bernina Pass route. It features an all new ABe 4/4 III DC railcar and a range of new Coop swap body wagons.

Technical Highlights

  • ABe 4/4 III Railcar in red RhB livery with correct body side crests for all six units numbered 51 to 56
  • Officially licensed ABe 4/4 III Railcar 51 Unesco
  • Officially licensed ABe 4/4 III Railcar 52 Bernina
  • Ten officially licensed Coop Lb-v swap body wagons
  • Quick Drive consists compatible our Bernina Pass route
  • Dynamic animated pantographs
  • Speed select and automatic power cut-off for cabin control wheel
  • Manual control of locomotove fans (Blowers)
  • Opening cabin windows with dynmamic audio levels
  • Animated gangway ramps during railcar coupling and uncoupling
  • Railcar passenger view featuring:
    • Six position passenger view camera
    • Seasonal timed operation of internal light dimming
    • Random window animation viewable externally and internally with "weather and time intelligence"
    • Animated passenger doors and compartment doors viewable externally and internally
    • Request stop passenger messages viewable externally and internally
    • Rain effects
  • Winter snow effects for all vehicles including dynamic snow ploughs on railcars at high altitude
  • Three new scenarios for our Bernina Pass route

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